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Ultrasound PRP Therapy in Knoxville,TN

If You Suffer From Chronic Pain Caused by Joint, Tendon, Ligament or Muscles. Visit  Bello Medical Aesthetics. Ultrasound PRP Therapy will Help to Alleviate Your Pain Today. We Also Offer Additional Regenerative Services. For More Information Call (865) 205-6243. Book a Consultation Online.

Ultrasound PRP in Knoxville,TN

Bello Medical Aesthetics offers a Variety of Regenerative Services to assist those suffering with chronic pain. Our Ultrasound Guided PRP Joint Injection treatment assists to repair joint, tendon and ligament injuries. Chronic pain affects many patients and can cause a decrease in “quality of life”. Bello Medical Aesthetics is here to assist patients in relieving their pain and moving forward to a normal quality of life.

​Platelet Rich Plasma comes from your own blood and is very safe. A sample of your blood is drawn and put through a specialized centrifuge which separates the plasma, and a high concentration of platelets, from the blood sample. This plasma, called Platelet Rich Plasma, is extremely rich in growth factors which directly stimulates healing and rejuvenation in damaged tissues.

After isolating the PRP, Dr. Bello inspects the affected joint using an ultrasound machine to determine the best, and most effective, injection path. The Ultrasound allows Dr. Bello to precisely pinpoint the location of pain and injury and administer a more focused injection than would be possible from injecting the site blindly. Applying the injections to the most precise spot possible is crucial for stimulating optimal healing and regeneration.

​If you are interested in receiving more information about Ultrasound Guided PRP, Call (865)-205-6243 or book a free consultation.